There is more to ‘organization’ than just paper clips and cookie-cutter systems. True organization is about finding what fits you so that your processes are genuinely easy to maintain and contribute to the productivity of your business or work day.That’s why we’ve focused our services on 6 KEY AREAS to help you with everything from how the paperwork moves across your desk, to the apps that fit you best. And, yes, we’ll restore your filing system, too!
Our collaborative approach to organization gives us the opportunity to learn what your business is about, as well as understand your work style. That way, we can CREATE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS that match your personal work patterns. This ensures that the organization we design actually works and lasts!


Find it in a Flash
Whether you use paper filing or are trying to reduce the use of paper in your office, there still needs to be a method to the madness so that you can find exactly what you need when you need it.
Paper Filing
Stop Searching & Start Doing


Go beyond re-labeling your files. We create flexible yet durable systems so that retrieval is simple and adjusts to your office needs as they change.

Digital Filing
Minimize the Find Balance

A “paperless office” might be all the craze, but it’s often unrealistic. Sometimes, you just need to work on a piece of paper!

That’s why we focus on helping you create pathways to your computer data and make it work with your paper systems, as well. This makes everything easier to find and guarantees that the filing system as a whole makes sense for all of your needs.


Find What You Need When You Need It


This is what typically comes to mind when someone thinks of a ‘professional organizer.’ And while our services go far beyond that, yes; we can organize your office space, too.

The ebb and flow of your workday depends entirely on how well your office space is set up. If your work stations, filing and necessary equipment and supplies are scattered randomly throughout the office, then you’re likely wasting time as you move through your projects. And time, as you know, equals money!

  • Have the most commonly-used items close-at-hand
  • Eliminate time-wasters in your work space
  • Create a current that carries you effortlessly through your projects


Watch Your Money Grow


Financial organization is critical to a healthy profit and solid output but many professionals struggle with time-tracking and billing because their systems are either overly complicated or muddled and disorderly.

At Simplicity Organizing Services, we don’t believe in expensive accounting software or app’s with more features than you need. We’ll help you create a simple financial management system that will do exactly what you need it to, without the unnecessary fluff.

It’s Simple. It’s Effective. It’s Affordable


Move Effortlessly Through You Day


Workflow management goes beyond the spatial setting of your office and dives into the actual systems and processes behind your work.

In other words, how systematically do you manage and complete your daily tasks?

Ask Yourself

  • How efficiently am I passing information on to my employees?
  • Am I wasting time with unnecessary steps in my sales process?
  • Have I clearly defined the stages to be taken for each project?

See, everything that you do for your business or office should have a precise series of phases, so that every task clearly leads to another.

Your time will be spent more wisely. And your tasks will be accomplished more proficiently.


Time = Money and We’ll Help You Save Both


When it comes to organizing your time, we call it ‘consulting’ because it’s about more than just finding the right calendar; although that is a critical part!

We start by asking lots of questions and then doing even more listening. Then, we’ll use our individualized approach to teach you how to:

  • Organize your day into blocks of time
  • Focus your attention on the task-at-hand
  • Be more productive with your time, overall


Welcome Your Work to the 21st Century


Let’s face it; we live in a digital world. As professionals and business owners, it’s often a challenge to keep up with all the new technologies available today.

Lucky for you, we’ll do most of that work for you! After a calculated consultation, we’ll filter through what you don’t need to find the app’s, software and tools that suit you best, then show you how to make it all work together!

Your technology tools will finally talk to each other without any of the unnecessary noise.