Join the Groups that Have Benefited from One of Our Classes

  • Colorado Association of Libraries State Conference
  • East Morgan County Library
  • Estes Valley Library
  • Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary
  • Greeley Area Realtor Association
  • Harmony Foundation Inc.
  • Loveland Business Women’s Network
  • Loveland Center for Business Development
  • North Metro Business Women’s Network
  • Primerica Financial Services
  • The Roots Group — Fort Morgan Young Professionals
  • Windsor Business Women’s Network


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Organization and productivity are learnable skills. The more you absorb and practice them, the more productive you will be.

That’s why we’ve created our speaking programs and workshops – so that you can delve further into the fine art of organization, then take what we teach you and continue adapting it to your changing needs.

If your business, networking group, organization or chapter is looking for a high-impact presentation, with plenty of practical advice – or you want to train a whole group on organization – then we invite you to browse our list of topics, or call with your specific needs so that we can create a custom workshop to fit.


9 Nuggets of Organizing & Productivity: Paper, Tech & Time

Need a quick (30 minute) presentation where the speaker gets in and out and leaves behind valuable tips and tricks that can be put to use immediately? This is that presentation! It is a mix of tried and true organizing and productivity techniques along with up-to-date tech tools and apps that can move your business forward.

Your Time Your Money

We all have a limited amount of time every day. How can you get the most out of your work day and increase your bottom line? This presentation will address important elements of a productive work day that will help you make more, leave earlier, and achieve increased work-life balance.

Productivity, Tech, Apps and You

In this high information age, our options with technology and the number of apps available to help us is overwhelming and culling through them can be a task in itself! In this presentation we will look at technology tools and apps that can truly make a difference in your work day by streamlining tasks and saving you time.

Keys to Transitioning to a Less Paper Office

Although it is appealing to imagine working in an office with no paper, for most this is simply not possible. However, decreasing the amount of paper that you manage IS possible in most offices. How does one begin to do this? In this presentation we will discuss keys to beginning this transition, which will simplify your work environment and improve your productivity.

Put Your Paper in Its Place:
Paper Management for Small Business Owners

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. From employee management to financial tracking to working hard to exceed their customer’s expectations, the last thing they need to worry about is finding a specific piece of paper. Attendees will learn to manage scraps of paper that contain important information, how to create systems to keep active papers visible and accessible, and how to set up streamlined and effective filing systems that work for the long term. Participants will leave with solid techniques that they can put to use immediately in their offices.

FOR HOMEOWNERS: Emergency Preparedness for Evacuations

Do you know what items you would grab if you were evacuated? This two-part workshop focuses on 1) how to prepare for an evacuation including what documents and items to take with you and 2) steps you can take now to protect the value of the contents of your home and mitigate your property for fire danger.